Methods of buying an apartment in the mortgage from HCSBK

If for some reason you can’t buy a home with a mortgage, then take a closer look at the banking programs. If you meet several conditions, you can profitably get your own apartment.

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If you have half the price of the apartment

A loan from a Bank on favorable terms can be obtained if several conditions are met:

  1. Have 50% of the property value on your account.
  2. Accumulate it for at least 3 years.
  3. Get the minimum level of the assessment indicator (16), which shows financial discipline and characterizes how well a person makes deductions.

If these points are met, the remaining half of the amount can be obtained on credit at a rate of 5% or lower. Much depends on the duration of accumulation. To reach the minimum rate (3.5%), you need to collect money for 15 years.

If you are on the waiting list of the mayor’s office

In this case, you can buy a house using several offers:

  1. «Bakytty Otbasy». Suitable for large and single-parent families, as well as raising disabled children. At the same time, the income of each person should not exceed 2 subsistence minimums. Thanks to the program, you can buy an apartment or a private house on the primary or secondary market on credit for up to 20 years. The initial payment must be 10% of the property value.
  2. «5-10-20». It is used by military personnel, state employees and civil servants with an income per person of no more than 3.1 subsistence minimum. In this case, you can buy housing on credit for up to 20 years in new residential complexes. You need to make an initial payment of 10% of the loan amount, the nominal interest rate is 5% per annum.
  3. «Nurly Zher». The program is the purchase of apartments built with the participation of local Executive bodies. Suitable for people who are Bank depositors. To make a purchase, the client enters into a construction savings agreement, submits an application for participation, confirms their solvency, and registers on the e-government website. At the same time, you must be a citizen of Kazakhstan, have at least 20% of the amount of the apartment on your account in Housing construction saving bank, and confirm that you and your family members do not have housing in their property or rental real estate with foreclosure.

If you belong to the «young family» category

Under the «Zhas Otbasy» program, young people who have married can profitably buy an apartment if the conditions are met:

  • The rate is 6% per annum. After 2 years, it decreases by a percentage;
  • Duration of the loan — from 6 to 9 years, it is possible to repay ahead of time;
  • Loan amount — up to 90 million tenge;
  • Collateral — purchased housing.

There are no restrictions on the age of spouses and the number of children in the offer. The main thing is that the marriage must be registered no more than 3 years ago.

If you don’t have any savings

Housing construction saving bank gives you the opportunity to save up by charging 2% per annum on savings. Every year, the client receives 20% for the amount of 200 monthly calculation indicators. Keep in mind that the state bonus is awarded for one person per deposit opened in Housing construction saving bank.If there are several deposits in the Bank, they will be credited to one of them. The client can choose which one.

If replenishment is possible in the amount of more than the specified monthly calculation index, it is better to accumulate money through the «Family package» program. In this case, deposits are opened for several family members, and each of the deposits receives a bonus.

How to buy a Bank Deposit

If you buy other people’s deposits, you can get a preferential loan at 5% for the purchase of housing or repairs. You can perform this procedure online by performing the following steps sequentially:

  1. Open a deposit if you did not have a deposit in Housing construction saving bank before.
  2. Register in online banking.
  3. On the page with all deposits, select the appropriate one.
  4. Submit an application indicating the price for which you want to purchase a Deposit.
  5. The announcement of the deposit sale is available from 1 to 3 days. During this time, you can increase the offered price. It is possible to raise the minimum bid by 20 000 tenge. It goes to the person who offers the highest amount in the allotted time period.

Assignment of a deposit is a paid service of the Bank. It pays a Commission of 0.5% of all savings. Thanks to the received investments, you can only buy housing on the commercial market. They do not allow you to participate in government programs.


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