Urgent sale of real estate

A large city is a big risk, especially if it is an urgent sale of housing. The real estate market in Almaty is huge, so it becomes more and more difficult to navigate it every year. If you do not have the appropriate experience and skills, it is always better to trust trusted real estate agencies such as Eurasia. With its specialists, you will not lose money, lose your home, or add to your criminal record. Even a quick sale can be profitable if you deal with professionals.

We help you sell your home urgently

An adequate assessment is a guarantee that the apartment will find its buyer in the shortest possible time. Specialists of the real Estate Agency «Eurasia» know this immutable truth, and therefore are ready to sell a one-room, two-room, three-room apartment urgently — within just 15 days from the moment of application. What we will be useful for you:

  • we will search for potential buyers.
  • We will collect and execute all the necessary documents.
  • Correctly evaluate the property.
  • Organize inspection of the object of sale to potential buyers.
  • We will execute the transaction in accordance with the current legislation.

With the competent support of Eurasia specialists, you will successfully sell an apartment (one-room, two-room or three-room), a house, and commercial real estate. An urgent method of implementation inevitably brings down the price, but due to our experience, we make it as close as possible to the market.

Principles of our work

  • Legal literacy. All services are provided under official contracts in strict accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Wide coverage. When dealing with real estate, employees of the real estate Agency «Eurasia» use large databases. Due to the maximum coverage of potential buyers, the final cost of the object of sale is always higher than that of most competitors.
  • Search for individual solutions. Having urgently sold dozens of one-room, two-room and three-room housing options, we can state that we have a lot of experience and rich tools in this area. Our experts are able to correctly place emphasis on the advantages and disadvantages of a particular object.

Have any questions? It’s time to ask us!

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