Rental property

To rent an apartment or house in Almaty, you should definitely contact professionals. Beautiful photos and assurances from the owners are not guarantees that your money will not be wasted. Rent is a rather responsible transaction, which should be entrusted to people who are skilled in this business. The Agency «Eurasia» will help you out by providing the experience and knowledge of its specialists as a guarantee of the success of the future transaction.

Rent apartments in Almaty: minimum nerves, maximum benefits.

Taking a one-room, two-room or three-room apartment for rent is a great way to become a city dweller without incurring large expenses for purchasing your own housing. With the help of experienced specialists, you will choose the option that best suits you in all parameters: location, budget, interior, and so on. In the database of the real Estate Agency «Eurasia» there are both elite and economical offers.

Five reasons to work with our Agency:

  1. Using a large database that is constantly updated. One-room, two-room, three-room or multi-room options; new or secondary housing; the most modern finish or the most budget option-the apartment will be selected for you individually.
  2. The Contract is concluded directly with the home owner. This approach eliminates unnecessary legal risks.
  3. Before you sign a contract, Real Estate Agency «Eurasia» personally inspect housing.
  4. Agency Specialists start searching for options within ten minutes after receiving the application.
  5. Fair price for the service rendered.

A residential or commercial apartment rented through the real Estate Agency «Eurasia» does not cause problems. We carefully filter out unreliable tenants by constantly monitoring the market and reviews on it.

Rent a house in Almaty

Houses are preferred by people for whom a large open space is especially important. Fresh air, a garage for a car, increased living space — all these factors are especially significant when compared with a densely populated high-rise building. Fans of this private property are families with children and Pets. Also people looking for homes to run a business. Employees of the real Estate Agency «Eurasia» will help to accommodate everyone without crowding and without resentment.

When choosing a house for a client, we focus on their wishes, the required number of rooms, the total area, priorities in terms of external and internal design, and the available budget. Contact us at any of the contact numbers, and we will immediately start selecting options.

If necessary, you will be assisted in the selection of commercial real estate: restaurants, cafes, premises, buildings, warehouses, offices, industrial bases, and much more.

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