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Real Estate Agency «Eurasia» provides a full range of services for buying, selling, renting real estate. The team of specialists has extensive experience and high qualifications, which allows you to quickly solve complex tasks and guarantee the security of each transaction.

The scope of our Agency’s activities covers the following areas

  • buying and selling real estate;
  • rent of apartments, houses, commercial real estate;
  • Mortgage registration;
  • Independent valuation of real estate objects;
  • Selection of apartments in new buildings and in the secondary real estate market;
  • Legal verification of documentation;
  • transaction support;
  • advisory assistance;
  • Urgent purchase of real estate.

Numerous reviews from our clients indicate that we are the best real Estate Agency. In their work, experts use an individual approach, finding out the needs and wishes of each applicant. This allows you to choose the best apartment option that fully meets the client’s requirements in a short time.

Real Estate Agency «Eurasia» works as openly as possible and provides truthful information about each property, without hiding any details. We are trusted, and we live up to that trust. Transaction support is conducted from » A «to» Z», so the client does not need to contact third-party organizations to, for example, check documents. Among real estate agencies in Almaty, we keep a high bar and always confirm the status of the best.

If you dream of your own apartment, if you can’t find a buyer for a long time, if you urgently need to rent a house, please contact us. Our experts will help you solve any problem.

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