Trust management of real estate

Management of residential and commercial Estate Agency in Almaty.

We work for results!

Our client’s interests are the main priority of our work!

Our goal is to bring maximum profit to the property owner!


Comprehensive audit of the facility for the availability of permits, technical condition, intended use and profitability.

Control of lease and maintenance payments, accounting. Monthly full reporting to the property owner.

Development of recommendations for improving the quality of the object, its profitability and investment attractiveness.

Supervision of the technical condition of the object. Organization of repair work. Optimization of operating costs.

Formation of a high-quality and optimal pool of tenants, (filling) the object with tenants in the shortest possible time.

Control and legal support of all contractual relations with tenants and organizations, service providers.

Object and property insurance to protect against major risks by additional agreement.


Analysis of the condition of the apartment(house)and the real cost of rent.

Weekly visiting and checking the condition of the apartment (house) and property.

Recommendations for preparing an apartment (house) for delivery — home staging and the target audience of tenants.

Supervision of the technical condition of the apartment (house) and the property located there. Elimination of accidents, organization of repair work, Purchase and transportation of materials for current repairs of premises, Cosmetic repairs of apartments( houses), General cleaning and chemical cleaning. The decision of conflict situations. Equipping the apartment with furniture, Purchase of household appliances, consumables, Internet Connection. (All these services are provided by agreement).

Organization of advertising events to search for potential tenants and display apartments(houses). Professional photo and video shooting.

Organization of General cleaning of the apartment(house) and carrying out the necessary repairs.

Checking tenants. Conclusion of a lease agreement and its full legal support.

Control, calculation and payment of all utility bills.

Timely receipt of rent and transfer it to the Owner (country does not matter).

Apartment and property insurance to protect against risks by additional agreement.

Consulting on taxes for individuals — Submission of tax reports, accounting report of profitability, Cash register, acceptance of prepayment, Tax reporting, Act of work performed.

Monthly full reporting to the apartment owner in electronic or written form.

For owners who are not in Almaty and do not want to rent out their apartment, we provide the service «object supervision».

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