5 main mistakes when selling housing

The main desire of every home owner when selling it is to make a deal as profitable and fast as possible. Because of this goal, people often make a number of common mistakes that delay the process and only irritate the seller.

Common problems include:

  1. Overstating the value of real estate. Experts have noticed that about 80% of owners put too high a price tag in the ad. Usually, owners focus on the options presented, choose the upper price range and, considering that their apartment is better, add at least 10% to the price. As a result, the price tag is much higher than the average market. Therefore, there are no buyers for such housing. This makes an important criterion for selling-a sober assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of real estate.

To find out the cost of apartments, you can use a free housing assessment or ask for help from specialists. If you still decide to set the price yourself, then take into account the location of the house, the number of rooms, the level of repair, the availability of furniture, appliances, and other characteristics.

  1. Lack of preparation of the apartment before sale. Order in the rooms and at least basic repairs will be a significant advantage, even if the buyer is going to furnish the apartment in their own way. Even small things can alienate the client: torn Wallpaper, current tap, scattered items. This does not mean that you need to make major repairs before selling, because it is unlikely to pay off. It is better to clean up well, hide visible flaws and arrange things beautifully.To make your ad frequently viewed on websites, it is important to make attractive photos. Do not forget about the strength of the angle and high-quality basic processing. Another important point is negotiations with a potential buyer. Experts recommend that you prepare answers to popular questions in advance and behave confidently.
  1. Remove the ad after an oral agreement. You can discuss the deal with one person, hope for a favorable outcome, and the buyer at this time will find a more profitable option. You will only lose time and other potential customers. Therefore, you should not believe the promises and give up the opportunity to sell housing without signing all the papers and receiving a Deposit.It is worth remembering that the deposit is made in writing in two copies, after which it is notarized. The official agreement must specify the amount, value of the property and the date of receipt of the money. The amount of the deposit must not exceed 10% of the total amount.
  1. The desire to quickly sell the property. Buyers often want to sign the contract as soon as possible, which is why they ignore the safety rules. if you run into scammers, you can not only increase this process in time, but also lose a lot of money.

To really save money, experts recommend that you prepare a list of documents required for sale in advance:

  • Title document (contract of sale, donation, exchange, privatization, certificate of inheritance and other documents);
  • Certificate of duties (for example, fines or bail). If the apartment is mortgaged, it is necessary to confirm the pledge holder to conclude and sign all the papers;
  • Passport of each of the owners;
  • Confirmation by a notary of the absence of marriage or the consent of the spouse to conduct the transaction. In case of divorce-a certificate with a court decision on the division of property and no complaints about it;
  • If there are children-birth certificates;
  • Certificate of mental health when the owner is elderly or if there are doubts about the person’s health;
  • If the owner of part of the property or the entire housing is a person with disabilities, a minor or incapacitated, then you need permission from the guardianship and guardianship authorities;
  • Technical passport for the apartment and an extract from the registration sheet of the legal cadastre.
  1. Cooperation with non-professional realtors. When owners are desperate to make a successful deal on their own, they try to find a realtor. The probability of coming across scammers in the absence of a sufficient number of reviews or a small experience of the company is very high.

In addition to unscrupulous realtors, various fortune tellers and magicians often lure money from real estate sellers. They promise to attract good buyers to your apartment in a matter of minutes and a large amount of money. We will not talk about how this method works. But there are definitely a lot of scammers among such people.

When selling real estate, you should never forget about security and that you should not trust the first comers. If you think through every step, the deal will be as successful as possible and will pass quickly.

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